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BOTON DESCARGA beta por gamejolt

Some antivirus can display false positives when unzip the game or when you execute “.exe” files, don’t worry, the file is safe

Q-YO BLASTER is a horizontal shoot’em up. Starring a guinea pig, but no any guinea pig, this particular animal uses a nuclear propeller to fly around, shoot and slaughter invader insects from space and save earth.
Q-YO BLASTER takes many elements from classic video games with new features. Many weapons, power-ups, alternative shoots.

– Difficulty modes
– Weapons, alternative shoots, and special powers
– Frantic action
– Funny characters
– Pixel art levels
– Sticky music
– Gameplay based on 90’s


/For now, 1 kind of bug killer is avaliable uwu/



More special powers in the final version :O


up pow


(Default controls)

Thank you so much for testing the beta game of Q-YO and we hope your questions or suggestions in our social networks